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The Phoenix Rises Men's Mandala Design T-Shirt

Ignite your inner fire with our "Phoenix Rebirth" Mandala t-shirt. This design embodies the essence of resilience and growth, much like the legendary phoenix. The mandala pattern mirrors the phoenix's fiery spirit and serves as a reminder that challenges can spark personal transformation. Put it on with a smile and let your strength shine through while enjoying the journey!

Product Features
Size Options Quality Additional Details
S to XXXL 180 GSM Quality Bio & Silicon Washed Tees
Non-Shrinking T-Shirts
Super Soft Material
Wash Instructions
Care Instructions
Machine Wash Cold water, gentle cycle
Bleach Do not use bleach
Dry Clean Do not dry clean
Ironing Low-temperature ironing
Washing Wash separately from other garments
Delivery and Returns
Made in India
Cash on Delivery
Fast Delivery
Easy Returns
Free Shipping