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Aaoo Chill Kare Neon Sign

Aaoo Chill Kare Neon Sign.

Add that extra pop and brighten your space with this specially designed Neon Sign from Beam Boxx brought to you by The Bay Store.

These specially manufactured and designed neon lights are made from eco-friendly, long-lasting material that illuminates bright light at 12 volts. They are durable, heat resistant does not get warm and can brighten up your space as you switch them on. These are highly resistant, not easily breakable and do not require any constant servicing. They are flexible and easy to maintain. They last long, anywhere between 20,000 - 50,000 hours.

Dimensions: 36" W x 24" H

What's in the box?

Led Neon Strips: Environmentally Friendly, Long Lasting & Durable

Acrylic Board: 6mm Thickness Clear Transparent International Grade Acrylic

Power Cord: Standard size - 3 meters long. Connect one end to the Neon Sign and the other to the Adapter.

Adapter/Driver: 12V DC Adapter which can be plugged into light-up your Neon Sign 

Wall Mounting Screws: Screws provided for you to easily mount your design on your wall

Installation Guide

These Neon Signs are designed to keep your convenience in mind. We provide you with wall mount screws for you to easily mount your artistic designs on your wall.

It is as SIMPLE as hanging a Wall Clock or Photo Frame

Installation Steps

Step 1: Drill holes on your wall where you would like to place your artwork

Step 2: Screw the artwork to the drilled wall

Step 4: Connect the Power Cord to the Adapter

Step 3: Plug the adapter in the socket of your electric board

Step 4: Switch on the light

Step 5: Spread the joy of lights throughout your space

Delivery Info:

Made in India

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